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what have you done? | magician on duty

quirky steps, a tango with a techno twist, a boogie, a shuffle, a move you can't resist, a jive, a slide, a glide into the groove, a crazy, hazy, lazy, mazy dancefloor move. a kaleidoscope of faces, a masquerade of glee, a carnival of laughter, a wild, frenzied spree, a night of untamed melodies, an underground affair, a symphony of ecstasy, music in the air. as dawn creeps in, the beats grow thin, a softening light, the night retreats, the heart still beats, from the crazy flight, a memory made, a serenade to the underground's tune, a dance, a chance, a wild romance, beneath the waning moon.

released 10.05.2024

mastering by rv audio

I GOT AWAY (never come back mix) | pins and needles

taxi252’s original version of I GOT AWAY needs no introduction. its unique eclectic vibes moved by catchy vocal lines has touched and inspired many people and we have received some wonderful feedback since its release in april this year. even more so, we are now thrilled to release two totally different interpretations of the original song with PFENNINGERxORTNER and Igor Carmo on remix duties.


the never come back mix by PFENNINGERxORTNER echoes their true signature sound of club-orientated, deep and groovy downtempo beats fused with raw basslines and epic synth sounds. 

released 11.11.2023

mastering by rv audio

orient express | planet ibiza

our debut ep has been released on no other than on the wonderful planet ibiza label.

released 29.09.2023

mastering by thom wettstein

namaste | kosa musica

namaste gets released on the wonderful kosa musica from india. we're happy to be part of this compilation.

released 06.01.2023

mastering by thom wettstein

for the long run | bandcamp

our first track release is now available for download on bandcamp. we've been working on lots of new material these past couple of years and we're delighted to present to you one of our first ever productions.

released 11.11.2022

mastering by thom wettstein

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